Thank you for stopping by! As you travel these pages, I hope they
lift your heart, inspire you and make you smile. May they spark a
desire in you to begin to view your life from a higher level
—with a new perspective.

You will be encouraged to begin an exciting journey to rise above
the circumstances or messages that may be holding you back, and
preventing you from living your best life and sharing joy with the
people you treasure.

Positive words can give your heart wings and instill confidence to
pursue new heights. They can prompt you to take the next step and
seek answers to questions about your purpose, your life, your
relationships, and future.

Some of the most uplifting words beneath our wings and dreams are:
“All things are possible with God.”

With encouragement,

Peggy Bert — Speaker & Author

“Words spoken at the right time are beautiful—like gold apples in a silver basket.
–Ancient Proverb

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